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Doctors of BC

Facility Engagement Management System

Develop a custom web application, mobile app and workflow to manage and track funds allocated to Physician Societies for activities that support the improvement of the healthcare system and physician working conditions.

Client Needs

Doctors of BC needed a new way to track and capture the results of funds allocated to the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) for Facility Improvement. The existing system of paper-based claim submission was both cumbersome to use and opaque in terms of outcomes. What they desired most was an efficient way to measure funding impact and to encourage doctor participation in Facility Engagement activities by ensuring timely payment via a simplified claims submission process.

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A pocket-sized solution with big impact

By simplifying and making the claims process more convenient, doctors are assured their work is recognized, and encourages future touchpoints with Facility Engagement initiatives.

Our Solutions

After a deep discovery & outreach phase with various stakeholders within the Doctors of BC organization, Bayleaf helped to define local structures of facility-based, "Physician Societies". Next a workflow and framework for the initiative was decided upon, allowing for a custom-built, desktop web service to be developed. The SSC uses the desktop service to allocate funds to Physician Societies and run reports on funding utilization and survey evaluations.

As front-line personnel, doctors have a critical vantage point into areas of improvement. The new framework - allowing doctors to independently submit suggestions to their Physician Societies - amplifies their voice and ensures issues of mutual interest to facilities and specialist physicians are tabled in a structured manner. The convenient mobile claims submission app, developed in parallel to the desktop application, assures doctors that their participation is recognized.

To handle the payment process, Bayleaf integrated the electronic funds transfer payment processor VersaPay into the system, which provides EFT payments directly to physician accounts. Sage and Quick Books accounting software was also integrated with the solution.

Multiple feedback surveys are tied into the system to capture participant views on individual Engagement Activities and the overall Facility Engagement initiative. The evaluations questions are provided by a UBC team and administered according to pre-defined business rules.

Overall, physicians are pleased by the ease of use of the mobile app, and the SSC now increased insight into issues across the healthcare system for both facilities and for specialist physicians.

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Client: Doctors of BC (DoBC), Specialist Services Committee (SSC) Website: fems.facilityengagement.ca Industry: Facility Engagement is an initiative to increase facility-based, specialists physician participation in forums for the improvement of the healthcare system and working environments. Funding for the initiative is provided by health authorities, who require fund tracking and reporting. Services:
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Custom Web Development
  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Integration
  • Support, Documentation & Training
  • Apache Cordova
  • Integration w/ Financial Systems (Sage, Quickbooks)
  • Integration w/ payment processor (VersaPay)
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
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