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Go Leafs!

It all started on a couch in Kits with the thought, "I can do better". Fast forward twenty years, 83 computers, 5 coffee-makers, 2 offices, several dozen long-term clients, an amazing staff and you'll find not all that much has changed from that seminal thought. The "I" is now "we" but the drive to deliver a better experience from development to deployment remains the same. It's why many of our clients in industries such as education, insurance and government come back to us again and again - trust.

That trust is cultivated by our core values of: integrity in all dealings, mutual respect and a focus on excellence. As a team we are committed to realizing our clients' successes by partnering with them to effect innovative and appropriate information technologies. At Bayleaf, we believe in good and we're dedicated to building a better experience - it's what keeps our company and our clients going.


Core values
  1. Integrity in all dealings
  2. Respect for clients, partners and staff
  3. Making good things happen
Committed to:
  1. Implementing the best solutions for client's needs
  2. Creating lasting relationships
  3. Continuous development of skills
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Setting The Record Straight.

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Bayleaf is located downtown in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, and in our heart of hearts we're serious 'Nucks. The only time you'll find us cheering on the T.O. is out of patriotism.

And if you were wondering about our name; bay leaves repel bugs, which is, as developers, what we're all about.