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Fisheries and Oceans Canada, National Recreational Licencing System (NRLS)

Modernizing the purchase process of recreational fishing licences and capture records while facilitating data transfer for conservation initiatives.

Client Needs

Fisheries and Oceans Canada needed to transition from its old-school, labour intensive, paper-based recreational licencing system to an efficient, easily accessible, and user-oriented online/electronic licencing and management application.

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An integrated recreational licencing system that moves with the fast-growing technological landscape

As new technologies emerge, NRLS evolves with them to provide a better, more efficient end user experience.

Our Solutions

Since 2007, Bayleaf has managed and implemented enhancements to the ever evolving, integrated systems that comprise NRLS. Publicly, NRLS enables Pacific recreational licences and Yukon catch cards to be purchased by recreational fishers or issued by Independent Access Providers electronically, online. On the management front, it allows Fishery Operations System (FOS) licencing officers to manage recreational licences/catch cards and download reports in an easy to navigate online system.

Bayleaf's work has streamlined the licence issue process, reduced licence fraud and allowed fishers to self-manage their accounts and profiles. By logging in to their NRLS account, fishers can reprint licences and electronically record their catch. Vendors, or Independent Access Providers (tackle shops, lodges, etc.) are now able to issue recreational licences on behalf of their clientele as well as purchase licences in bulk, further simplifying a previously arduous process.

On the NRLS back-end, the information captured is immediately available to licensing officers for enforcement purposes and for creating summary financial reports. Bayleaf then relays the collected fisher catch records to FOS's integrated Catch Recording (KREST) system via a web service. The captured information is used for conservation and protection efforts.

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Client: Fisheries and Oceans Canada Website: Industry: The National Recreational Licencing System (NRLS) is an online system that allows recreational fishers to obtain a Tidal Waters Sport Fishing (TWSF - saltwater) licence and stamp (for Salmon fishing) from any location with an Internet connection and printer. Services:
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