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Deploy a frictionless user experience for the workers of British Columbia with improved search functionality, responsive user interface and personalization capabilities.

Client Needs

Having worked for 2 years with internal stakeholders, external usability, design and taxonomy specialists, WorkSafeBC needed a trusted technology partner to implement a robust CMS with an integrated global, faceted and scoped search, who could also deliver on the ambitious, responsive user interface.

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A trusted partnership gives BC employees a better on-line experience.

Working lock-step with the WorkSafeBC content and strategy team to deliver relevant information and results in a responsive, intuitive manner.

Our Solutions

The client decided to go ahead with our recommendations and leverage the Sitecore Experience Platform for its multi-lingual support, personalization capabilities and ability to integrate with Coveo search solutions.

Bayleaf' custom Taxonomy Tagging Utility for WorkSafe's content contributors allows the insurer to implement a custom taxonomy structure for the 8,000 proposed content pages and 10,000 item digital asset library. This improved search capability, alongside revised information architecture and slick user interface helps users drill down to their content needs faster, on any device.

Sitecore's ability to personalize user experience is leveraged in the Occupational Health and Safety section of the site. Users are able to search for and then save relevant guidelines when logged in and reference them in future sessions. The increased functionality is a boon for small employers across the province.

The implementation, aggressive in scope, lays the technological foundation for the site to scale and to support secure pages, integrated applications and marketing initiatives in future phases of the website lifecycle.

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Client: WorkSafeBC Website: Industry: WorkSafeBC is the operating name of the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia and is the exclusive worker's compensation insurer in BC covering more than 200,000 registered employers and 93.4% of BC's labour force. It administers claims for work-related injury, illness and disease and is also responsible for prevention, inspections and investigations of work-related injuries. Services:
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Content Management System implementation
  • Information Systems Development
  • Custom Development
  • Integration
  • Support, Documentation & Training
  • Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Coveo Enterprise Integration
  • Custom Taxonomy Implementation
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