Providing trusted expertise and solutions to create a long term partnership

A business partnership that gives Prism the freedom to focus on client services, and big picture strategy, while providing their customers with monitoring ease and clarity when using PUMA to manage building energy use.

Client Name

Prism Engineering, PUMA (Prism Utility Monitoring & Analysis)



  • Project Management
  • UX
  • Strategy and Design
  • Business Analysis
  • Custom Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Integration


  • Charting
  • QMC’s MeterConnex™
  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Rainforest Automation

Client Needs

Prism originally approached Bayleaf to be an ad hock extension of their internal development team. Since then, Bayleaf has helped them make significant progress on new features, while streamlining the collection of data through direct integration with data providers. Through proven expertise and solid delivery, the relationship has evolved from one of support to practical partnership.

Our Solutions

Custom Web Development

PUMA comprises a combination of software and services from Prism Engineering that track over 15,000 electrical, natural gas, water, and other fuel accounts for more than 50 large organizations across Canada. PUMA’s utility tracking application save time and money for owners of multiple properties by turning data into actionable information.

As a development partner for the past three years, Bayleaf provides the business support, coupled with expertise with developing and integrating complex, scalable data management systems, which allows the company to focus on their core business.


Recent integration work helped streamline data collection by utilizing MeterConnex and Rainforest Automation to gather consumption data directly from Smart Meters, PUMA’s proprietary application uses visual charts and info graphs to display data to display complex data for analytics, management decisions and measurable action. Further integration with Energy Star Portfolio Manager now allows users to review consumption data and analytics across multiple facilities and compare trend data against Canadian national benchmarks.