Bayleaf creates custom scripts and middleware to automate and simplify workflow for Tugboat Logic systems

With Tugboat’s internal team focused on developing their own services and product, it made sense to partner with Bayleaf for the development of scripts and middleware to automate evidence file submissions to Tugboat Logic’s Security Assurance Platform. In the first project, sample evidence collectors were code examples, written in multiple languages allowing users to take that code, adjust and integrate it to their Jira or Github. The second project, a middleware, was created to communicate between Zapier and their existing API. Bayleaf’s work increased productivity and improved critical user workflows.

Client Name

Tugboat Logic



  • Project Management
  • Analysis & design
  • Custom Development


  • C# .Net
  • Docker
  • Amazon AWS
  • Java
  • Python

Client Needs

The Security Assurance Platform is a web-based SaaS service that provides customers with continuous Information Security (InfoSec) program compliance. Tugboat’s patent-pending technology, which automates InfoSec policy creation, audit readiness, and security questionnaire response, helps companies secure their businesses and prove it to their customers, increasing trust and confidence.

Tugboat Logic developed their own Evidence Collection API within their Security Assurance Platform and looked to Bayleaf to create scripts and middleware that would allow the automation of evidence collection and submission from a variety of third-party applications.

The first project was to write sample scripts Tugboat clients could leverage to integrate their instances of Github and Jira with the Assurance Platform. The second project required Bayleaf to translate Zapier’s standardized events into a format accepted by Tugboat’s platform. We created a means by which a Tugboat Logic “Zap” would allow their clients to automate workflows, like the submission of evidence data from emails into their Infosec Program.

Our Solutions

The first task was to develop a couple of sample Evidence Collectors scripts, written in multiple languages that would allow TugBoat customers to take that code, adjust as necessary, and use it to integrate their GitHub Enterprise or Jira Server with their Tugboat Logic account. The integration would allow them to send “evidence” to their Tugboat account for inclusion within their security assurance reporting. This inclusion greatly simplified and improved workflow.

Each of the sample “evidence collectors” were written in 3 different programming languages allowing for optimal flexibility:

  • Java
  • C# .Net
  • Python

The second project was defined after consulting with stakeholders and reviewing Tugboat Logic’s technology and needs. Bayleaf determined that a serverless API middleware sitting between Zapier and Tugboat’s API would be the best solution to integrate Zapier’s automation capabilities into the Security Assurance Platform

As part of the project Bayleaf rigorously tested and deployed for specific integrations, however the middleware creation allows any Zapier app to integrate, providing for endless possibilities in the future. Our quality assurance verified the following integrations:

  • Slack Channel
  • Slack Digest
  • Gmail
  • Email by Zapier
  • Dropbox
  • Google Sheets
  • Airtable
  • Trello

Bayleaf also provided training and end user documentation for the Zapier App as well as delivery to Zapier’s App Directory.

Being able to use Bayleaf for knowledge and talent gave Tugboat Logic the resources they needed to improve their clients’ workflow by making it simpler to use their flagship product.