Technology consulting, digital strategy and development to optimize Chu Cho’s business processes.

Needing improved platforms and processes to optimise delivery capabilities and minimize the downstream administrative processes, a leading environmental consultancy asked Bayleaf to assess, select and implement innovative business solutions that could integrate with existing systems.

Client Name

Chu Cho Environmental (part of Tsay Keh Dene Nation)



  • Business Process Review and Recommendations
  • Platform assessments and selections
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Project Management
  • Custom integration development


  • Accelo project management platform
  • QuickBooks Online implementation
  • Rise Payroll
  • C#.NET API development

Client Needs

Chu Cho Environmental needed a skilled business and technology partner to review their current project management and business processes with the intention of streamlining the systems and updating the tools used for their complex project management delivery. This included:

  • Schedule and bill for the use of assets (such as vehicles and accommodation units)
  • A payroll platform that would comply with BC labour laws given the dramatic variations in staff working hours necessitated by their projects
  • A simplified and more streamlined month-end billing process
  • An up-to-date accounting platform that is easy to use and provides the reporting needed
  • Reporting that provided consistent views across their project management, payroll and accounting platforms
  • An imperative to minimize the administrative costs of their project delivery and business operations.

Our Solutions

Assessment and requirements

Bayleaf has assisted many clients in evaluating current operations and rethinking the business processes that enable the delivery of their services, as well as the associated tools used to support this. When Bayleaf was approached by Chu Cho Environmental, our first task was to clearly understand their current operations and issues. This included both business process and tools. After developing a findings document outlining the key issues, expectations, and recommendations, Bayleaf then began a comprehensive review of project management and business platforms that would meet their requirements. For each business area, key requirements and evaluation factors were used as a structured assessment basis to come to a recommendation.

With the tool recommendations in hand, Bayleaf then developed a Proposed Digital Strategy including business process changes, new platforms, integration approaches and requirements, implementation costs and ongoing operational costs.


Once Chu Cho Environmental approved the proposed digital strategy, Bayleaf then lead the implementation of this plan which included transition to the new platforms, migration of three years financial legacy data, integration development, and the associated training and change management.