Leveraging Bayleaf expertise to make an informed move to a new membership platform

When organizations with specific and strategic platform changes are needed, they partner with Bayleaf to help with the analysis, assessment, evaluation, selection, demonstration, and life-cycle costing.

Client Name

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of British Columbia & Yukon



  • Business Process Review and Recommendations
  • Platform assessments and selections
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Project Management
  • Integration options


  • Membership platforms
  • Salesforce

Client Needs

The Chartered Professionals in Human Resources were having significant problems with their membership platform. Their existing platform lacked the ability to integrate with other platforms the company used (such as event management, online education, accounting, marketing). In addition to the lack of flexibility, the annual licensing fees, and the annual support costs were strong motivators to change their membership platform. However, CPHR was anxious. They needed assurances that a change in membership platforms would bring them the desired flexibility, support, and integration they needed at an acceptable annual cost and would deliver the member engagement they wanted.

Our Solutions


Bayleaf worked with CPHR to define a structured evaluation process so that the CPHR Steering Committee could understand and feel comfortable with the process from the outset. In addition to the evaluation process, Bayleaf and CPHR identified the primary evaluation factors and criteria that would serve as the basis for decision.

Once the fundamental requirements had been identified, Bayleaf structured and issued a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to leading association management vendors. After evaluating the initial responses using the evaluation criteria determined, we identified the vendors who were leaders in this area and who were able to support CPHR’s key requirements. Bayleaf then defined and managed the demonstration of these products to CPHR.

On completion of the demos and consolidation of CPHR feedback, Bayleaf and CPHR formalized the final scope and quotations from the two leading vendors and finalized the five-year total cost of ownership. This enabled CPHR to make an informed decision on their choice of a new platform.

Based on a sound evaluation approach and process, CPHR had the essential information necessary to make this important decision. They relied on Bayleaf to bring our expertise to bear in the evaluation approach as well as the integration options and technical aspects.


CPHR are now under way with the implementation of their new membership platform. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there have been some delays, but CPHR are nearing completion of the implementation. They are excited to launch their new platform that will far better support the organization’s goals for member engagement.