Azure Cloud Services gives employees flexible access and Prism the power to scale

When Prism needed their employees to have greater access to the Human Resource Performance Management (HRPM) platform, Bayleaf’s gold level service for cloud management, gave them flexibility and scalability they needed.

Client Name

Prism Engineering



  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis & Decision Support
  • UX & Design
  • Custom Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Integration
  • Support, Documentation & Training


  • ColdFusion
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Infrastructure
  • Twillio

Client Needs

Prism’s Human Resource Performance Management (HRPM), a home-grown HR portal and issue tracking system, was originally hosted on traditional servers behind a firewall. Enjoying year-after-year growth, they required a hosting solution that allowed for increased employee access, tighter security and a system that could be easily scaled with usership growth.

Our Solutions


The number of employees accessing Prism’s HRPM system had steadily expanded over the years, as had the application functionality itself with its systems for sales, marketing, accounting, project management, reporting and HR. While traditional servers worked well enough for a small number of employees on-site, using a narrow set of functions, it became increasingly frustrating and time consuming as more employees on-boarded and needed to work remotely.

Bayleaf’s Gold certified engineers assessed Prism’s needs and architected a suitable cloud infrastructure and migration plan. With thorough and thoughtful planning, the migration was seamless with no service interruption.


As Prism moved from a purely internally accessed system to the cloud, additional security measures were required to ensure the utmost safety and security for Prisms’ users. This included the addition of two-factor authentication to further verify users accessing the system. Ultimately Twilio’s Authy platform was integrated for this purpose, as it provided versatile authentication methods to ensure secure user login regardless of data or Wi-Fi access. This access gave Prism the flexibility and security they needed to migrate to the cloud.

The move to Azure hosting also gave Prism the benefits of reliability and scalability. Under their Service Level Agreement (SLA), Bayleaf Engineers analyze, implement, and configure the right resources for reliability and availability, ensuring that Prism’s HRPM enjoys continuous service with no downtime. Cloud hosting also allows for on-demand resourcing, giving Prism the ability to scale up or down on-demand, future-proofing the application’s performance and availability.


The long and trusted partnership establish with PUMA gave Prism the confidence to rely on Bayleaf to architect, migrate and manage HRPM’s shift to the Azure cloud, and they continue to rely on our on-going 24x7x365 monitoring and support.

With our System Engineers routinely performing software updates, taking backups, and making performance tweaks, Prism can focus on their clients and product performance.